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Transferring a domain and Website data can be a daunting process. Use this page as your guide to making a successful inward transfer for your domain name and data from the current host.

Domain Transfer Easy Steps

Transferring your domain to deepAfrica is easy. You will need to use the following easy steps to initiate the transfer and we will handle the rest from there.

Request an EPP Transfer code from your current host. The EPP Code is the code that domain registrars use to transfer domain names from one registrar to another.

NOTE: The EPP Code is a sensitive code and needs to be kept safe and secret. Ensure that you take care of who you share it with.

Once you have your Transfer code, Please email it to us on

Domain names are usually locked to prevent domain owners from losing their domain names. However, when transferring, you need to unlock the domain name to allow us to transfer the domain from your current registrar to deepAfrica.

You can find the unlock feature in most web hosting dashboards but if you are unable to find it, contact your current web hosting provider instructing them to unlock your domain name.

Once you have obtained  the EPP transfer code and have unlocked the domain name, we will need to move your website files, emails and other data from your current web hosting company to deepAfrica’s Servers. This needs to be done before initiating the transfer in order to ensure that no data is lost. 

We will need you to share with us the login credentials to the control panel of your web hosting account. 

You can find this in the email address you used to regisgter the hosting account. If you are unable to find it, contact your current web hosting company and ask them to reset it.

Once you have it, you can share it with us on email by sending your details to

Once you have shared your Control Panel login credentials with us, you will need to create your web hosting account for us to transfer your data from the old web hosting account to your new account. This usually costs KSh. 3,364

Create Hosting Account

Points to Note

  1. International Domain names must be renewed when they are being transferred. This means that you will need to pay for a 1 year subscription for the transfer to be successful.
  2. .ke domain names  do not require you to renew them for them to be transferred successfully.
  3. For a transfer  of data to be effected, the current web hosting account must be active and accessible. This means that if it is suspended, we will not be able to access it to retrieve your data.
  4. You cant transfer  International domain names that are less than 60 days old. This is a rule set by ICANN and will require you to wait for the period to elapse before initiating a transfer.
  5. International domain names are not transferable when expired. They must be renewed with the current registrar before being transferd. However, This does not apply to .ke domain names.

Domain Transfer Timelines

The time it will take to transfer your domain name and files to your new hosting account depends on the volume of files you have and the type of domain name. However, the following is the estimated time taken to transfer the domain name.


For .ke Domain Names


For Internaional Domain Names