Why should I register a domain for my Kenyan business?

Let me tell you why… registering a domain has become an integral part of most small businesses in Kenya.  A domain is a powerful tool that promotes your business brand and its online outreach. Though this might be true, I have found that most entrepreneurs in Kenya do not have a clue on how to […]

Reasons why your website need to be redesigned

Your site has been experiencing a drop in the traffic and this has impacted you a bottom line. You have talked to several of your friends who have recommended that you redesign your website. This article is for you. Why your website is important Before I even delve into explaining why you need your website […]

How Live Chat System Can Transform Your Business.

Why Do You Need A Chat System A website chat system is an essential tool that every business should have. It is a vital tool that helps to improve customer responses. In the digital world speed is inevitable for the growth of a business. It therefore essential for companies to utilize their website as an […]

Why Your Website is Down and How to Fix It

ddddIt’s early morning, you have beaten the cold and traffic and made it to your desk ready to have a productive day. You switch on your laptop, log online and alas! Your website is down! Emails are not going through and you are completely paralysed! We understand the frustration that is why on this article […]

Can I Run A Website Without Hosting?

I have been building websites for a while now and have tried out several hosting plans and have also built a few websites on my machine before uploading them to a web hosting server. So I recently wondered to myself, Is hosting really that necessary? or is it a ploy to get me to spend […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your WordPress Website

You have been seeking a solution to getting a website and in your research you must have come across many publishing and content management systems key among them being the wordpress tool. Hailed by many to the most inclusive, understandable and effective content management system wordpress has attracted over 60 million users across different countries […]

Do I need hosting for a WordPress website?

You have created your website with WordPress and it looks really stunning, functional and attractive but you have a small problem; do you need hosting for your WordPress website? The short form answer is yes and in this article we will discuss why as well as highlight the best options to host your wordpress website. […]

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Website in Kenya?

Social media is not enough for the growing marketing needs of your business and you need a tangible solution to sustain your future so you are interested in creating a website for your business. But like every other business person your main concern is the costs associated with website development. How do you know how […]

How To Open A Website In Kenya

So you are thinking of ways to improve your business, get more customers or improving your revenue streams and you know one of the ways to achieve this is by getting online through a website. You know the benefits of having your business online; cheap costs, exposure to a wide number of prospects and exhibiting […]